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Embracing the End of Life:

A Journey into Dying and Awakening

A new book by award winning author Patt Lind-Kyle

Release Date September 8, 2017

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Embracing the End of Life

Embracing the End of Life offers a beautiful gift for those who follow its recommended exercises: the opportunity to become enlightened about death long before this wisdom is needed. Transcending the fear of death in this way allows much more room for creativity, joy, and the freedom to finally live in a fully awakened state. Patt Lind-Kyle writes, “Death is one of the most precious experiences you will ever have in this life.” It turns out, her book informs us, that death is actually the key to life—and there is no more important lesson for us to learn.

As a guidebook for the journey from birth to death, Embracing the End of Life serves as a wise companion for those who dare to live deeply into the mysteries of life and death, with eyes wide open and mind fully centered in the present moment. This innovative and comprehensive book has the power to change the perception of death for the individual reader and for society as a whole as we confront the most fundamental question of our humanity: “How do we live while knowing we will die?” Read this book now to transform how you live for the rest of your days, and then keep it on your bookshelf as a resource to consult over and over again on your own “journey into dying and awakening.”

—Karen Wyatt, MD, author of What Really Matters: 7 Lessons for Living from the Stories of the Dying

Author Patt Lind-Kyle

Patt Lind-Kyle


“If you are mindful at death it will not come as a surprise. You will not be anxious. You will feel that death is merely like changing your clothes.” ~ Dalai Lama



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About the author

Author, consultant and thought leader, Patt Lind-Kyle’s focus is shifting from Ordinary Consciousness to Spiritual Consciousness. Patt’s current focus is on the awakening process to transform our approach to death. In her soon to be released book Embracing the End of Life: A Journey into Dying and Awakening, she guides us through practices for awakening to our true self in life before death.  

Several years ago, Patt was forced to confront her on death and redirect her focus. She teaches readers to work with your resistance to death on emotional and spiritual levels, to awaken more fully to life and experience death as a transcendent, awe-inspiring stage of existence. Filled with exercises, guided visualizations, check lists, and practical ways to communicate with others about wants and needs in the dying process, this book explores all aspects of the end of life so you may have a more vital life and a less fearful death.

The book provides practical wisdom on the dying process as well as a step-by-step program on how you can wake up to a place of freedom and enhance the meaning in your life. To support readers in personally integrating the wisdom of her work, Patt has created a series of meditation videos that are woven through the book.  As a free bonus offer Patt offers a series of 16 guided meditation videos to accompany the book.

In her earlier book Heal Your Mind, Rewire Your Brain, Patt teaches how to interrupt one’s suffering and sharpen one’s mental abilities. Heal Your Mind, Rewire Your Brain won the Independent Publishers Gold Medal Award and a Best Book Award from USA Book News. Patt is the author of When Sleeping Beauty Wakes Up and she has written a chapter in Audacious Aging.